Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We strive to be a trusting supplier as well as a comprehensive service provider of plastic materials. We aim to create profit and growth opportunities for our customers, and of equal importance, to be an asset to the communities we serve.


Our Mission

To grow stakeholders' values for Sunta. To create benefits and advantages for clients. To create growth and development of our employees. To improve the quality of life of the communities.


About Sunta

Founded and established in 1996, 'Sunta Chemical Limited' has been servicing and providing various kinds of plastic raw materials for general and engineering needs. With principles and beliefs of Sincerity, stand-up corporate cultures, we intend to break through obstacles to grow and withhold a healthy enterprise while finding solutions hand in hand for our esteemed clients and suppliers.

As an ever-improving corporation, the natural progression along with the economic growth of Mainland China, our branching company in Shenzhen commemorated in 2004. The same year, the Shenzhen Municipal Office of SAT evaluated us into the category of being in the top echelon of taxpaying corporations. Not only is this a great honor, but an excellent foundation-building incentive in our journey of continual expansion both in Hong Kong and Mainland China expansion.

Our humble achievements to this date have been constructed based on mutual understanding, support, and confidence with our clientele, maintaining trustworthy relations with manufacturers, as well as always aiming at providing a professional market analysis with our technical knowledge.

'Sunta Chemicals Limited’ will continue to persist in market development under all economical situations, promoting positive cooperation and coordination with our clients to establish a long-term business as well as social partnership. 


Our Advantages