Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We strive to be a trusting supplier as well as a comprehensive service provider of plastic materials. We aim to create profit and growth opportunities for our customers, and of equal importance, to be an asset to the communities we serve.


Our Mission

To grow stakeholders values for Sunta. To create benefits and advantages for clients. To create growth and development of our empolyees. To improve the quality of life of the communities.


About Sunta

Founded and established in 1996 'Sunta Chemical Limited' have serviced and provided various raw plastic materials for use by general and engineering needs. With principles and beliefs of Sincerity, stand up corporate cultures, we intend to breakthrough obstacles to grow and withhold a healthy enterprise, while finding solutions hand in hand with our esteemed clients and suppliers.

As an ever improving corporation, the natural progression along with the economic growth of Mainland China, our branching company in Shenzhen commemorated in 2004. The same year, the Shenzhen Municipal Office of SAT has evaluated us into the category of being in the top echelon of taxpaying corporations. Not only is this a great honor, but an excellent foundation building incentive in our journey of continual expansion both in the Hong Kong and Mainland China expansion.

Our humble achievement to this date have been constructed based on mutual understanding, support and confidence with our clientele, maintaining a good and trustworthy relations with manufacturers, as well as always aiming at providing a professional market analysis with our technical knowledge.

'Sunta Chemicals Limited’ will continue to persist in market development under all economical situations, promote positive cooperation and coordination with our clients to establish a long-term business as well as social partnership. 


Our Stories

Sunta has grown from an anonymous company to one with strength. Our only secret is passion.

With passion we carry out all our tasks woth our best efforts resulting in priducts and services far beyond our client's expectation while we enjoy doing them. With passion we embrace creativity and practicality, progress with the market to create new frontier for both our clients and our employees.

Today we are one of the few leading suppliers on ABS, HIPS, GPPS, AN(SAN), PP, LDPE, HDPE, PMMA, POM, PC, FRABS etc. These materials have been used widely on electronic, electrical appliances, telecommunication, household items, toys, stationary, packaging, athletic and recreational goods. 




Our Team


Sharing is one of Sunta's most important intangible assets. Since the establishment of our company we insist we treat our clients with honesty and reliability by providing them with high quality materials and services. We also spend our time and resources to supply our clients with daily up-to-date price information and analysis of the plastic materials market. We are happy to share with our clients our technical knowledge, business skills and solution options. By helping our clients keep up with the market we increase our competitiveness together.


Human resource is the key force to move Sunta ahead. We groom our staff members by providing them with opportunities. We retain them by offering career development for them. Through co-operation we strengthen and create new services and management efficiency.


Our Strengths

Sunta insist that our operation motto "stable, reliable and professional" to be upheld.  We consistently strive to add value to the company and we treasure long term partnership with our clients.  A 'win-win" situation for both our clients and our company is our ultimate goal.

Professional Buying Team

Our experienced professional buyers equip with extensive knowledge of local, mainland and overseas market.  They study the political, economic, even climatic factors which would affect price fluctuation, production and storage of materials.  Such information will be recorded and analysed in a systemic manner and will form a basis for formulation of buying strategies, all for the benefits and business opportunities of our clients.

Stable & Reliable Supply

Our experienced team members work with clients on a regular basis on material consumption estimates and offer advice on a rational ordering strategy to increase clients' competitive edge in a volatile market.

In addition we have established long and close working relationship with leading manufacturers in both China and overseas to ensure good quality and stable supply of products.

Consultancy Services

Plastic materials are many in both varieties and specifications.  It is thus not easy for clients to fully understand and to decide the appropriate kind to choose from.  Our team, with its years of experience in this field and extensive knowledge of materials, is ready to share with our clients on application and certification of materials, the most cost-effective solution options and value-added technology.

Transportation and Logistic

What to our clients is more Sunta deliver  than their orders is also our pledge.

For many years Sunta has built up a reliable transport, logistic network and professional fleet services.  We can make arrangement for direct point to point delivery via land or sea transport.  Insurance covering the entire transport route to ensure safety and reliable delivery of products has won the support and praised of our clients. 


Our Team

In pursuit of growth or even siccess of our company we must rely on people, and more so on team work. Only through mutual reliability we can cover the shortcomings of one another. We, at Sunta under the principles of mutual respect, through co-operation and hard work members learn and get encouragement from one another. Such team spirit is the best guarantee for raising standard of efficient services.





Learning is a life-long experience. At Sunta staff members are inspired not only to learn to meet challenge at work but also their personal growth. Staff members, however busy they are, are encouraged to study, to take courses which may help their own future growth.


There is a saying: "Through learning the fool become wise, the poor become rich, and the rich become noble". Staff members of all levels at Sunta are encouraged to post articles or knowledge worth sharing on the company's internet. Hopefully it would help staff relax amid their busy life and increase work efficiency.


Sunta believe that "What we take from the society we give back to the society". We co-ordinate charitable works on a regular basis and through various channels encourage our staff to serve the community by actively participating in such activities.