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What is ESG and what does ESG stand for?

          Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a framework for organizations to integrate as a sustainable business development strategy. Organizations with ESG standards agree to take every action ethically in terms of environmental, social, and corporate governance. In other words, ESG illustrates how businesses can grow while solving some of the world's biggest problems. 


Sunta's Approach 

Sunta is committed to making the world a better place, improving lives around us, and uniting the community we created. In order to achieve that, we focus on using innovation to break through obstacles, collaboration to build relationships, and honesty to lead the community we created. As a leading company in the chemical industry, we constantly innovate and bring new ideas to inspire others to do the same. 



          Our environmental contribution started in 2017, and our green awareness and recycling innovations have pushed us more than ever to create a better environment. Recently, we've put more of our efforts into our newly created recycled plastics and participated in more environmental awareness events to influence our partners to turn green with us and to improve the environment. 

Going Paperless - Since 2017, we've become a paperless  business and gone digital by transferring  all of our physical documents to cloud  servers in order to reduce waste and  increase working efficiency.
Eviromental awareness events - Sunta constantly holds and participates in environmental events to encourage our business partners to use recycled plastics rather than traditional plastics. Using recycled plastics help the environment while also help businesses to improve company sustainability and reputation.

Recycled Plastics - As of 2021, we've partnered with one of  the industry-leading manufacturers -  Formosa Chemical to create a new  customizable Post-Consumer Recycled  (PCR) plastic raw Material. The technology  behind PCR plastic raw materials such as PCR-PP and PCR-ABS are so mature that their quality are comparable to general grade plastic raw materials. Using PCR plastics help to cut down up to 70% of greenhouse gases, reduce landfill waste, and create a better environment for the future generations.





          At Sunta, we are motivated to bring our customers the best and most truthful experience. More importantly, we believe that treating our employees well is the key to a successful and sustainable business. We motivate our employees through Employee Benefit Fund and provide a comfortable working environment. Also, we put heavy emphasis on volunteering to give back to society and to unite our team as a whole.

Employee Benefit Fund - Sunta believes that employees are the key to a successful business and we often put our focus on motivating our workers positively. This is why we created the Employee Benefit Fund. During the 1st year of our program, our founders contributed 500,000 HKD into the fund. Our employees had to right to decide where most of the fund were allocated, and the remaining portion was invested into company development to improve working environment, given out to our employees, and donated to charities under employees' names.
Customer Success - Being transparent to our customers is extremely important, and we make sure that there are no corners cut in every transaction in order to maintain a good relationship with our partners and customers. We cover all of our products with multiple third party certifications and insured shipping. To make our service better, we also provide daily updates on our product prices for customers for their convenience.
Employee Parents Giving Program - In 2022, Sunta's Employee Parents Giving Program celebrated its 10th anniversary for giving back to our employees' parents.  Employee Parents Giving Program is a brand new program that is never seen in any other businesses. We truthfully appreciate our employees' parents for raising such amazing and talented people to work for us, so we gifted red pockets to them.
Volunteer work - We have participated in more than 50+ volunteer events throughout the years, from fundraising for the poor to bringing resources and joy to people struggling in poverty.








          Sunta's governance ensures that we will to able to grow sustainably while making sure we are transparent internally and externally. 

Transparency - In 2014,  we've made a promise and an announcement that Sunta will not make any transactions under the table and forbids any unlawful bribe. In addition, in order to affirm our transparency to the public, we update our product prices daily  on our website to ensure that there are no disadvantages put against our customers.
Certified Products - Sunta makes sure that every product we sell are legitimate and are certified by internationally recognized organizations such as, FDA, TUV, UL, REACH, ROHS, and more.

Sustainability Index - To make sure Sunta grows sustainably, our senior executives hold regular meetings with the management team to evaluate the current state of the company and revaluate company directions as needed. With our effort to grow sustainably, we were able to achieve a total score of 92 in a well known HKBSI sustainability index, making us one of the best esg companies in Hong Kong.





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